£29 for this set of three ceramic knives and peeler from Makoto worth £115 – save 75% on cutting edge technology

With Masterchef all wrapped up (congrats Shilena!) you may be inspired to head into the kitchen and start whipping up some culinary creations of your own. However, looking through your knives and finding that they’d struggle to cut through a cucumber might be a bit disheartening. Fear not, with this kgbdeal you’ll be filleting and paring in no time.

Sharpen up your kitchen skills with this set of ceramic knives and a peeler from Makoto for just £29. This set, normally costing £115, could take your cooking to new heights!

about Makoto ceramic knives
You’ll find these ceramic knives harder than almost any other cutting tools, and yet are lighter than steel and stay sharper for longer that most knives. The Ceramic blade has a smoother surface than steel, enabling it to slice through any type of food without effort. The smooth surface makes Makoto ceramic knives more hygienic. They are also corrosion free and neutral to taste making them an ideal solution in food preparation.

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