Treat yourself to a Shellac manicure and pedicure for just £16 at Essential Hair & Beauty – save 68% on some winter pampering!

Maintaining your manicure in winter can be a nightmare. With our fingers and toes squashed into gloves and thick woolly socks, it doesn’t take long for polish to chip and flake – unless you use Shellac that is. Chip-, scratch- and smudge-resistant, your nails can shimmer for longer in the frost.

For just £16, you’ll receive a Shellac manicure from Essential Hair & Beauty - to ensure your nails are looking gorgeous! And we’ll even throw in a Shellac pedicure for dazzling tootsies as well. Normally costing £50, this Shellac treatment deluxe could last up to two weeks, so you can go longer without worrying about a salon appointment! 

about Essential Hair & Beauty
This friendly salon are dedicated to making you look and feel gorgeous! With a team of experienced stylists and beauticians offering advice and providing pampering treatments including Dermalogica facials and OPI nails, you’ll leave their talented hands looking your very best.

Glamorise for only £16 with a full set of Party Lashes, a manicure and Gel polish plus brow shape and tint worth £46 at Beauty Within @ Fabulous Hair Salon – save 65% and shine like the star you are!

You know what it feels like before an event. Sure, it’s nice to make an effort for a date, for a night out with the girls, but there is nothing like those large-scale gatherings. The ones that draw old friends from all over the country, the ones preceded by months of excited emails and texts, Facebook posts and long phone conversations surrounding outfits, who you want to impress the most, and maybe even a little bit of gossip…

And while you’re already totally gorgeous, a little special-occasion-indulgence wouldn’t hurt, especially if it’s only going to cost you £16 at Beauty Within @ Fabulous Hair Salon. So enhance your lashes with a full set of Party Lashes to make hearts flutter whenever your lashes do, make your eyes stand out with a brow thread-shape and tint, and refine your fingers with a manicure and Gel polish that will leave them feeling model-icious and chip-free for up to weeks! You’ll be thinking about your saving of up to 65%, but everyone else will be thinking about you…

about Beauty Within @ Fabulous Hair Salon 
The team at Fabulous Salon only have one mission and that’s to make you look and feel fabulous. Their team will make you stand out from the crowd, take your stresses away and give you your well deserved ‘me time’. With all of the quintessential treatments and products to make you fabulous, their award-winning hair stylists, colour experts and professional make-up artists can give you the look you desire.

Treat your hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure for £15, including a file, buffing and polish, worth £43 at Pamper One Beauty Salon – save 65% on nifty new nails!

Has it been another one of those weeks, or a spate of months, where you’ve been on the go, non-stop, with hardly a pause between events and responsibilities? And when that little break comes along, maybe for half an hour, maybe two, the only thing we all know for sure is that is isn’t long enough! You have to choose… Relax? Or get on top of your beauty regime?

We know which one we would choose and that’s why we have designed today’s kgbdeal to be one where you can relax while someone else takes care of your beauty requirements for you. Enjoy a gorgeous manicure and pedicure at Pamper One Beauty Salon and get your nails turning heads. It will only set you back £15 – 65% off!

about Pamper Hair and Beauty
Visit this stylish salon ideally in Sale for a wide range of quality beauty treatments including nails, brows, lashes, facials, waxing and tanning. Their experienced staff provide a professional and friendly service using only top brands to give you a second-to-none treatment.

Spice up your look with a Shellac manicure from Citi Studio London for £14, worth £30 – save 53%, choose from 40 shades and submit to a sassy new style!

How we look symbolises what role we’re playing on any given occasion. It makes us slaves to fashion. Dominated by notions of what’s hot and what’s not, forced to bend over backwards in order to tie ourselves to a particular style. Yes, when it comes to “the look” we all enjoy being a little bit submissive…

Play any role that tickles your fancy with a Shellac manicure from Citi Studi London for just £14. They’ve got 40 shades of Shellac for you to choose from so you can tap sassy and suggestive nails on a desk, delve into something more demure, or drive something that dominates. Whatever you choose, with a saving of 53%, you won’t need a dark, brooding millionaire to pay for it! 

about Citi Studio London
The studio consists of two floors, the ground floor featuring a large hair and makeup transformation area, and the lower ground floor featuring their photographic set. Their large client list varies from families, couples, and individuals to models, musicians, actors and dancers who attend their studios for a stunning makeover followed by professional quality photographs, which are perfect for gifts, family keepsakes and portfolios.

Sport sensational nails with an OPI Gelcolour or Rockstar manicure at Ooh Laa Laa Beauty for just £9, worth up to £25 – save up to 64%!

She’s got the look, She’s got the look, What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue, When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you, And I go la la la la la she’s got the look! You might not remember Roxette’s amazing-ness, but every time someone gets their nails done, we just help singing this song!

Get the look for just £9 with an OPI Gelcolour or Rockstar manicure from Ooh Laa Laa Beauty. Choose longer lasting Gel nails or some seriously glam glitter nails, save up to 64% and rock out like it’s Roxette!

about Ooh Laa Laa Beauty…

Ooh Laa Laa Beauty invites you to their new chic prestigious unisex salon in Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh, offering top class nail and beauty services, with a trendy nail bar and two luxurious treatment rooms. The aim at Ooh Laa Laa is to get clients to forget everything outside of the salon, such as stress, work and enjoy the salon’s prestige atmosphere. It’s all about you!

Get ready for the oncoming cold-spell for just £19 and pick up the perfect winter beauty package including an OPI spa manicure plus a luxury facial masque, worth £95.50 at Tara Studio Nails and Beauty – save 80%!

There was only one thing on our minds as we were checking out the models in the Toronto fashion week – how cold they must all be! Parading around in all those skimpy clothes… we have to give it to those impossibly gorgeous ladies though, their skin glowed to perfection and all boasted fabulously manicured nails and batted wickedly noticeable lashes. Enviable bodies aside, we were keen to show off features as stunning as theirs and hearing our cry, agent g showed up with today’s incredible kgbdeal!

For just £19, you can bag yourself a deluxe winter beauty package at Tara Studio Nails and Beauty! Normally costing £95.50, you’ll save 80% and receive an OPI spa manicure and a luxury facial masque!

about Tara Studio Nails and Beauty
With competitive prices and friendly knowledgeable staff, Tara Studio Nails and Beauty are dedicated to making you look great. With a wide range of treatments including nails, facials and waxing, whatever your beauty needs, the team at Tara Studio Nails and Beauty are willing to help.

Indulge in an express Shellac manicure and pedicure with soak-off at Sacha Robinson Nail Stylist for just £18, up to 73% off the usual price!

We should be proud of our nails. Really, we should. What on earth would we do without these crafty bits of keratin? How would we open lids and scratch at scratch-cards? How would we itch our noses? And yet, in spite of everything our nails do for us, it’s all too rare that we give them the pampering treatment they deserve.

Well, that’s about to change – thanks to today’s kgbdeal, entitling you to an express Shellac manicure and pedicure at Sacha Robinson Nail Stylist, including a soak-off. All of which luscious luxury treatment will cost you just £18, up to 73% off the usual price!

about Sacha Robinson Nail Stylist
This friendly salon offers all kinds of treatments, from the familiar – manicures and pedicures – to the truly exotic, such as Swarovski tooth gems and rhinestone nails!