£8 for a Shellac manicure, worth £27 at Total Beauty – Save 70% on beautiful nails

After one (yes, just one) of Lady Gaga’s nails was auctioned for a stupefying $ 12,000 last month, it just goes to show what the value of having pretty-as-a-picture nails can be. Don’t let the global superstar upstage you so easily – take a gander at today’s kgbdeal.

For just £8, you can treat yourself to a luxury Shellac manicure at Total Beauty. Normally costing £27, you can show off flawless, longer-lasting nails and put Lady Gaga’s scary talons to shame! You may not get $ 12,000 for one on eBay, but you’ll save 70% at least!

about Total Beauty
Total Beauty aims to help customers de-stress and unwind. Offering a wide range of beauty treats, their professional staff want customers to achieve ultimate relaxation when indulging in one of their beautifying treatments.

£15 for an OPI Gel manicure and Gel pedicure with soak off, worth £50 with Lesley @ The Clarence Spa – save 70% on show-stopping nails

Accessorising for a glamorous girls’ night out is heavy duty work. Laden down with bracelets, necklaces and rings, you can feel like a walking jewellery store! Agent g has noticed a big red carpet trend this season, though…celebs appear to be going for the ‘less is more’ look – they’re ditching the jewels and instead they’re donning attention-grabbing outfits paired with stylish nails!

For just £15 you can get an OPI Gel manicure and Gel pedicure plus soak off with Lesley @ The Clarence Spa. Normally this deluxe nail package would cost up to £50 but today you can enjoy an A-list treatment for up to 70% less!

about The Clarence Spa
Situated in the Four Oaks region of Birmingham, this salon is the ideal place to transform your tresses. Offering a huge range of hair and beauty treatments, you’ll feel right at home whether you’re getting some extensions put in or just getting your fringe trimmed.

£15 for gelish manicure and pedicure from Violaceous Hair and Beauty – make sure your hands and feet are noticed

Our eyes are constantly drawn to people’s hands. When they’re typing, filling out forms in the bank, wrapping them around a glass of bubbly, serving food to customers or dinner guests. Let’s face it, while we don’t like to judge, unkept hands can be frightening. Cracked, chipped colour on gnarled claws is not the look we want to lead with, so lead with today’s kgbdeal…

For just £15 you can enjoy a gelish manicure and pedicure from Violaceous Hair and Beauty. Visit this stunning salon, which is just a short drive from the city centre, and give your hands a splendid makeover. And with open-toed shoe weather upon us, get a pedicure too!

about Violaceous Hair and Beauty…
Ladies ladies ladies and a few men, if you’re looking for a glamorous makeover for that all important event, or for general day to day upkeep, because looking good is next to feeling good, look no further than Violaceous Hair and Beauty. This stunning salon is only a short drive from the city centre and easily accessible by bus and rail links. So don’t fear being in public, go and see them today. 

£12 for a gel manicure and gel pedicure from Glam R Us

Stop. Take a breath. Now look at your nails. And answer truthfully. Do they a) look like shimmering islands of coral pink edged with a glorious bone-white shore, glinting like rose-coloured rubies on the end of your fingers and your toes? Or are they a bit more b) pale and tired-looking and slightly frayed from when you spent the entire bus journey home picking at the seat in front of you?

If your digits could do with a bit of a doing-up, don’t panic. Because agent g’s found you the perfect prettifying package, courtesy of the lovely people at Glam R Us. You’ll receive a luxurious gel manicure and gel pedicure (because the nails at the bottom deserve to look really tip-top, too) and you’ll pay just £12 for the privilege. Yeah, don’t tell us – we really nailed it with this deal.

about Glam R Us
Glam R Us offer a professional service by fully qualified staff in a relaxed and informal environment. They cater for your every need, offering a wide range of beauty treatments from hair removal to manicures and will no doubt become your one stop shop for all beauty needs!

£15 for a gel manicure and pedicure, worth £50 at Coco Tanning and Beauty Rooms – save 70% on flawless nails this spring!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending the last twenty-four hours sifting through the pictures from the BAFTAs, collecting style tips and commenting on everything from hair styles to nail colours! Whilst we’d love to walk the red carpet with the celebs, we’d much rather just know their beauty secrets and leave the posing to the pros. Luckily, agent g has been on the case and has managed to uncover some of their very best kept secrets…

For only £15, you can treat yourself to a gel manicure and pedicure from Coco Tanning and Beauty Rooms. That’s right, celebrities don’t just have amazingly resilient nails that manage to stay chip-free and fabulous 24/7, oh no! Stars such as Millie Mack, swear by gel manicures to ensure they never leave the house with smudged talons and don’t have to worry about them until they want to change colour. Get this a-list approved treatment for 70% less today!

about Coco Tanning and Beauty Rooms
Based in Hamilton Town Centre only five minutes from Central Station, Coco Tanning and Beauty Rooms specialises in spray tanning and beauty treatments. Unwind in tranquil surroundings to soothing music whilst professional beauty therapists provide the perfect treatment.

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