£18 for a two-course continental meal with wine for two

Lunch after lunch it”s been fruits and salads, but what you really want is usually out of your reach. Surrender to your desires with this offer for pizza or pasta with wine for two!

Head to the fantastic Salvatore Ristorante with a friend for a delectable meal and drinks! There you”ll get to choose between pizza or pasta. Plus, wash it all down with some wine!

Situated off of Lord Street. Salvatore Ristorante offers English and continental cuisine served in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Savour the simple satisfaction of a sumptuous dinner with a perfectly paired glass of wine to bring out the delicate flavours. Fancy a beer instead? Done and done!

Head to the fantastic Salvatore Ristorante on Lord Street with a fellow foodie for a lovely dinner. It”s just a few minutes walk from Southport Station. There you will tuck in to your choice from the menu, choosing starters up to the value of £7.95 and any main up to £17.95. And all you will pay for this delicious feast is just £18.00 in total. Spending an evening sipping wine and sharing an incredible meal with an incredible friend—does it get any better than that?

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