Reinvigorate for just £39 and indulge in 90 minutes of pampering treatments at Club Kensington – select your favourite facials and massages from a list of pure pleasure!

Close your eyes. You are about to enter a zone of deep relaxation. A place where delicate fingers caress the knots from your muscles, where bodily woes seep from your pores like wisps of tension. Got it? Now live it at Club Kensington with today’s kgbdeal…

Where a choice of luxurious pamper treatments are yours to enjoy for just £39. Mix and match a delightful choice of facials and massages from the list below, in an indulgent experience lasting up to 90 minutes. With use of the sauna thrown in, the cares in your world will be thoroughly inflated until they just float away… if only for a little while!

Choose 90 minutes of the following treatments…

- Body massage aromatherapy (60 or 90 mins)
- Facial aromatherapy (30 or 60 mins)
- Deep cleanse facial (60 min)
- Salt scrub and Body Massage (90 mins)
- Head, Neck and shoulder massage (15 or 30 mins)
- Head massage or hand massage or foot massage(15 or 30 mins)
- Mud treatment for problem skin (30 or 60 mins)
- Back or Leg or Face massage (30 mins)
- Mini Manicure or Mini Facial (30 mins)
- Full body Swedish massage (60 or 90 mins)
- Eye treatment (30 mins)

about Club Kensington
Escape the hustle and bustle of High Street Kensington to this little pamper retreat, which offers a range of soothing treatments to answer your need to be treated!

£29 for a luxurious spa package for one person, including up to four treatments and 90 minutes’ use of the spa facilities, plus either lunch or afternoon tea, worth up to 193.25 at All Your Life – save up to 85%

Everyone, agent g thinks, sitting back and closing her eyes with a dreamy smile, is so stressed out. The guy selling newspapers at the train station entrance – he’s irritated. The woman who has to run to get into the train before the doors close – she’s angry. That baby that won’t stop crying – that baby is livid. Why, oh, why, she asks herself, don’t they all get themselves spa packages and chill out a bit?

If you’re feeling frowny, kgbdeals fans, we’ve got a real treat for you. An utterly decadent spa package for one person at the stupendously lovely All Your Life spa in Wiltshire, including up to four different treatments of your choice, as well as 90 minutes’ access to all of the spa facilities (they’ll even throw in a tasty lunch or afternoon tea, too!). Go there. Soak it in. Let your stress wash away. And save up to 85%, paying just £29 for the entire wonderful experience.

agent g’s bagged you…
Choose one first session treatment (55 minutes)
- Full-body Swedish massage
- Full-body aromatherapy massage
- Full-body deep-tissue massage
- 55-minute customised facial
…or two first session treatments (25 minutes)
- Half-body Swedish massage
- Half-body aromatherapy massage
- Half-body deep-tissue massage
- Taster facial
- Express manicure
- Express pedicure
- Waxing treatment (any)
- Indian head massage
- Back, neck and shoulder massage
…followed by…
- Lunch or afternoon tea
- 90 minutes’ use of the spa facilities
…followed by two of the following treatments…
- Bleach-free teeth-whitening 
- 30-minute medical-massage bed session
- 30-minute vibrating power-plate session
(Treatment order may vary)

about All Your Life
Located in Stratton St Margaret, on the outskirts of Swindon, this stunning £1 million medi-spa offers an incredible range of treatments and facilities, from steam rooms to beauty salons, with a floor space of nearly 7,000 square feet.

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