£22 for a one-hour horse trek for two people

Office life can be a real drag. Do the buzzing of the florescents or the glug of the water cooler have you pulling out your hair? Switch out the monotonous chatter of computer keys in a cubicle for the clot of hooves on a rustic path.

Welcome to your oasis from the mundane! At Pentland Hills, you can canter right out of your boring old day-to-day and into a delightful kgbdeal for an hour-long horse ride for two. Only £22!

Novices to experienced riders, all are welcome! There’s a decent selection of treks for all levels starting only five minutes from the nearest bus stop. Explore the Water of Leither, or trot onto a panorama of hills with lovely Edinburgh vistas all about. Don’t miss out on your chance to escape into the natural beauty that Edinburgh’s countryside has to offer.

Here at kgbdeals, we’re totally envious of your upcoming horsey adventure.

Trek times
• Tuesday – Friday: 10.30am, 3pm, 6.30pm and 7pm
• Saturdays and Sundays: 10.30am, 12.30pm and 5pm

£15 for a relaxing one-hour facial

Beyonce’s skin always looks amazing, even when she’s caught without make-up, somehow she still boasts a flawless complexion. Even though it seems unfair that she can rock such enviable skin, we’ve heard that it comes from a strict regime of exercise, plenty of water, and a lot of great products. While we’re not sure that we have so much time to do all that work, we think a little bit of indulgence in the skincare department can go along way!

Grab today’s deal and bag yourself a celeb-worthy facial for only £15. Sit back and relax while you let the lovely Magic Fairies get to work. Located in the heart of Haringey on the high road Green Lanes you’ll find the Magic Fairies…. the small oasis where your beauty dreams come true!

£19 for a one-hour “Top To Toe” treatment – with back massage, mini facial & hot stone foot massage

Hello ladies. It’s time to delve into a tranquil state of mind with a wonderful offer for a luxury one-hour ‘Top to Toe’ treatment at Anam Cara Holistic Therapy! You’ll enjoy a back massage, mini facial and hot stone foot massage from Anam Cara’s devoted staff.

It’s important every so often to stop the busy schedules and take time for yourself. Anam Cara is your ultimate safe space destination to refresh body, mind and spirit.

Relieve all stress and visit Anam Cara Holistic Therapy today!

This offer is for women only.

£12 for a one-hour full body massage

While we may not have all the time in the world to relax, the simple (sometimes guilty) pleasures in life really do make it all worth while! A night in watching reality TV, a glass of wine, or the ultimate in relaxation – a massage. Sometimes the hefty price tag can put us off treating ourselves, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about with this fab deal!

For only £12 you can be swept away in relaxation with a one-hour massage at the Noors Unisex salon. The team take a holistic approach to the work that they do, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and using ancient wisdom and skills in all of their treatments. All your beauty needs will be met at this unique salon, as there are so many different treatments that are offered.

Snag this deal today and enjoy this pleasure guilt free!

£96 for Four One-Hour Driving Lessons

Do you sit sorrowfully on the pavement while your pals whizz back and forth in their shiny new cars? Do you yearn to be out of the passenger seat and putting your foot down on the accelerator? Do you feel like you’re just spinning your driving-test wheels? (Or are you just sick and tired of ferrying your own kids about because they haven’t got their licence yet?)

We hear ya, kgbdeals readers. Which is why we’ve picked you up four one-hour driving lessons from those kind, well-trained, and patient instructors at Red Star Driving – the perfect way for a beginner to get to grips with the trials and tribulations of driving. And you’ll pay just £10 for all of them, an incredible 90% off the normal price; leaving you with a bit more handy cash to spend on that petrol money once you’ve passed.