£19 for a choice of one-hour massage in Fulham

These days it seems like everyone”s telling us what to do – with varying degrees of anger. "Stand here!" "Do that!" "Get out of the way!" "Gimme!" (that”s our junior, for those of us who have it). And the more often it happens, the more stressed we begin to feel, the internal tension brimming higher and higher – until, at last, we hear a quiet and still voice (that”s us) whispering in our ear, "Hey, hey – relax."

Give yourself the soothing treatment you deserve, deals pals – pick yourself up an hour”s reviving, refreshing full-body massage from the wonderful pamperers at Achilles Massage Therapy. You”ll be able to choose between a hot stone, Swedish or deep tissue massage, and best of all, it”ll cost you just £19. Because after all, it”s hard to let your troubles float away if you”re worrying about the lightness in your wallet.

£19 for one-hour of Reiki, or a one-hour Tarot or Angel card reading in Harley Street

Ever curious about what your future may hold, or exploring the uses of psychic ability? If so, we foresee you purchasing this deal. For only £19, you can have a one-hour Reiki session or have an eye-opening experience with a Tarot or Angel Card reading from Mystic Jen at Let Your Soul Blossom on Harley Street.

You”ll be able to choose between a one-hour Reiki session or a Tarot or Angel Card reading lasting an hour. If you have been trying to find that perfect gift for the friend who has everything, then this will be a unique gift they won”t forget. Mystic Jen is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction.

Book by telephone on 07946 036562. Over 18 only. Let Your Soul Blossom opening hours are 9am to 8.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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