£39.99 for a stylish stainless steel RT325AX9 chronograph watch from Lorus (merchant’s normal selling price is £100) – save up to 60% on a timeless timepiece that would make a great Father’s Day gift

The American journalist Ambrose Bierce defined a day as “A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.” He was obviously a bloke after our own hearts, because what’s the point in having time on your hands if it’s not to miss-spend it? Keep track of your most hedonistic seconds, minutes and hours with a little help from today’s kgbdeal…

For today’s offer we’ve teamed up with the time lords at Lorus, to bring you a stylish stainless steel chronograph watch for just £39.99. This gorgeous timepiece would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift and comes with discount of up to 60%. Oh yes, this kgbdeal is just the job for miss-spent time – but not miss-spent money!

about Lorus
As part of the Seiko Watch Corporation, Lorus offer a stunning selection of watches for men, women and even children. Lorus pride themselves on creating products that are not only affordable but also boast stunning design and innovative technology.

£12 for a pair of stylish sandals from Urshu (merchant’s normal selling price is £35) – save up to 66% on a stylish and comfy addition to your summer attire in a range of men’s and women’s designs!!

Summer is all about being outdoors, and whether you associate the sunshine with music-filled festivals, beach frolicking, lazy-day picnics or long riverside walks, you’ll want to make sure your feet are always comfy and cool – in every sense of the word! So, luckily for you, today’s stylish kgbdeal provides the perfect footwear for the summer of 2012 in an irresistible range for both men and women…

For today’s offer we’ve joined forces with the footwear fanatics at Urshu, to bring you a pair of stylish sandals for just £12. These fab sandals come in a range of great designs and each pair comes with that unmistakable summer feel. Plus, as well being totally on trend, these friends for your feet also come with a sizzling hot saving of up to 66%!

about Urshu
If you’re looking for shoes that offer great value as well as great quality, then look no further than Urshu. Their selection includes styles for men and women that include everything from sandals and flip-flops to wellies. The impressive Urshu range also includes jewellery and bags, so why not give their site a look to see what tickles your fancy?

£579.99 for a robotic lawn mower from Redstone Shopping (merchant’s normal selling price is £1399.99) – save up to 59% on the ultimate in low-maintenance garden upkeep!

Here at kgbdeals HQ a furious debate is raging. The question is; ‘Who is your favourite robot of all time?’ Popular contenders include R2D2, Johnny 5 and WALL-E – but now there’s also a new boy on the block who could just pip all the others at the post. You see, this hot new robot is sleek, stylish, green-fingered and comes with a cracking discount!

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with Redstone Shopping to bring you the ultimate robotic lawn mower for just £579.99. This rainproof little garden gadget comes fitted with bump sensors, two cutting modes and an LED display. It also happens to boast a discount of up to 59%, which is the kind of saving that would make R2D2 exclaim “Whistle-whistle-beeeeeep!”

about Redstone Shopping
With a wide range of products to fit all tastes and budgets, Redstone make every effort to source quality items for its customers. Whether you’re looking for the latest high-tech gadget or fashionable piece of homeware, Redstone are on hand to bring you the best products at the best prices.

£18 for a pack of three invisible ‘magic’ bras from EMYUB (merchant’s normal selling price is £44.99) – save up to 60% on silicone support for all manner of strapless tops and backless dresses

‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ was released by Queen in 1986 and includes the lyrics “One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal. One golden glance of what should be.” Well, we reckon that song could have been written about today’s kgbdeal because it contains magic, one prize and one goal. And that goal is fabulous cleavage…

In putting together today’s kgbdeal we’ve been in cahoots with EMYUB to bring you a pack of three invisible ‘magic’ bras for just £18. This set of silicone support cups incorporate adhesive to ensure they’re easy to fit and will stay in place for hours. They also come with a saving of up to 60%, which we think is a kind of magic all on its own!

about EMYUB
EMYUB offer a fantastic range of products including sports clothing, teeth whitening packages, phone accessories, lip care and more. Thanks to their easy-to-navigate site and persuasive pricing you’re sure to find a product or two to tempt you…

£9.99 for a silicone case for the iPhone 4/4S, with a strap and stylus pen from Milidirect (merchant’s normal selling price is £24.99) – save up to 60% and choose from five funky colours!

The TOWIE cast are rarely seen without them, Megan Fox proudly carries hers like a handbag and Jack Black loves taking funny pics on his. Oh, whatever would we do without our trusty iPhones? We’d be lost, that’s what! So, why not make the most of today’s kgbdeal and show your phone how much you appreciate all its hard work – with a funky case to rest its head?

For just £9.99, you can help protect your phone with this trendy silicone case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. This trendy silicone case even includes a handy strap and stylus pen. Choose from five fab colours and enjoy a saving of up to 60%!

about Milidirect
Milidirect are a professional company who’ve made it their mission to find and supply you with slim and funky additions to your iPhone brood. Providing an array of trendy phone accessories, their website provides the the perfect place to shop for modern gifts and goodies.

£10 for a backup charger cover for your iPhone 4 or 4S from Gadgets n Gears (merchant’s normal selling price is £24.99) – save up to 60% on a colourful cover that will deliver an extra boost of juice

What do you do to recharge your batteries? Unless you’re C3PO you’d probably opt for a bubble bath or an early night over plugging yourself in. But when it comes to your iPhone, baths and snoozes will do it no good at all – and plugging it in is often not an option either (especially when you’re out and about). That’s why we’ve been hunting for a gadget like the one in today’s kgbdeal…

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve put our heads together with the chic geeks at Gadgets n Gears, to bring you a backup charger for your iPhone 4 or 4S. This handy little cover will give your phone an extra boost between charges and can be yours in either black, white, blue, green, purple or red. And best of all this little beauty comes with a battery-boosting saving of up to 60%!

about Gadgets n Gears
Gadets n Gears brings you a wide range of new and innovative products including mobile gadgets, homewares, electricals, toys and much, much more. So why not check out the full product range on their website to get your latest gadget fix today?

£19 for a Victoria’s Candy classic pearl jewellery set, complete with a necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings from Jewellery Hall (merchant’s normal selling price is £150) – save up to 87% on these beautiful timeless accessories!

Pearls are one of those timeless fashion accessories, conjuring up images of effortless glamour (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). French fashionista Christian Dior put Hepburn’s timeless style down to “simplicity, grooming and good taste”, but here at kgbdeals HQ, we think her intoxicating elegance had a little something to do with her choice of jewellery…

For just £19, you can treat yourself to a Victoria’s Candy classic pearl fresh water jewellery set. This glamorous trio includes a gorgeous necklace, bracelet and pair of dazzling earrings. Save up to 87% with today’s kgbdeal and you can enjoy that age-old state of grace, without spending a fortune!

product specifications…
- Features classic round shape and very high quality fresh water pearls
– 63 6mm pearls on the 16 inch necklace
- A pair of matching 6mm fresh water pearl stud earrings with sterling silver post and scroll back
- A matching bracelet with a total of 28 fresh water pearls

about Jewellery Hall
Jewellery Hall have been in the business of selling jewellery and watches for just under 30 years. As such their range is as varied as it is fabulous. Their ‘Sale Items’ section offer’s incredible value on the kind of accessories you’d love to own and the brand names they stock include everyone from Superdry to Rotary.

£34.99 for a three-in-one cordless epilator from Remington (merchant’s normal selling price is £109.99) – save up to 68% on a silky-smooth alternative to waxing and shaving

Tweezers. Where would we be without them? Oh yes, unless you’ve got incredibly tiny, pointy, powerful fingers, tweezers will probably be one of your top five must-have bathroom items. But with today’s kgbdeal we’re about to take tweezers to the next level; because we’ve got 42 of them lined up and they’re electronically operated!

For today’s offer we’ve teamed up with the grooming legends at Remington, to bring you a three-in-one cordless epilator for £34.99. This marvellous little gadget is second to none for hand-held hair-removal and incorporates moisturising rollers, two speeds and skin-glide technology. Ooh, and the other bonus is a fabulously fuzz-free discount of up to 68%!

about Remington
Remington are experts at all things hair-related. Whether you’re shaving, straightening, curling, trimming or drying your hair, Remington have the equipment to help you to get the job done. Their products offer great value as well as superior performance, so why not peruse their range to see what they could do for you?

£18.99 for a Bluetooth MP3 transmitter with 8GB memory from Vivacity Stores (merchant’s normal selling price is £39.99) – save up to 53%

If your passion for music holds no bounds, then today’s tuneful kgbdeal is sure to prick your ears. The agents have sourced a lovely little package which allows you access to all of your favourite music on the move – or chat to your mates hands-free…

For just £18.99 you can enjoy an abundance of music on the go, with today’s magnificiently modern kgbdeal. Enjoying the benefits of a Bluetooth MP3 transmitter, which comes complete with 8GB memory, you can make driving extra fun. This handy little device not only enables you to wirelessly transmit music, but it also lets you make hands-free calls from your mobile phone through your car radio’s speakers – absolute genius! Best of all, with a saving of up to 53%, you’ll have plenty of lovely dosh left over for summer road trips!

product specifications…
- Bluetooth car MP3 Player FM Transmitter
- Works with SD card jack, MMC card directly, Mini SD or Micro SD with adapter
- Sound channel stereo
- MP3 audio format
- Audio input jack, USB jack, SD card jack and earphone jack
- USB jack: for USB flash driver and all other device with USB port
- Earphone jack: for all iPods and other MP3s
- Stereo Bluetooth for hands-free calls and call line identity
- Input audio from mobile phone with Bluetooth.
- Bluetooth transmission distance is 10-15m
– Built-in stereo wireless transmitter, 206 frequency channels
– Power car cigar socket power supplies (12V or 24V DC Power)
– LCD display with song’s name and time with background blue light
– Remote control with 20 keys for operation
Interested? Find out more here>>

about Vivacity Stores
Vivacity Stores is one of the leading online-based retail stores in the UK. If you are looking to shop online securely and hassle free and at the same time buy quality and affordable products, then Vivacity Stores is your first choice for online shopping.

£99 for a HiFi stereo system from Sharp Electronics (merchant’s normal selling price is £219.99) – save up to 55% on the XLDAB151PHBK, which will connect to iPods, iPhones and iPads and packs a pretty serious audio punch!

Young hipsters might not realise it but the term HiFi is actually short for ‘High Fidelity’. This refers to the fact that HiFis reproduce the sound of the original recording with a high degree of fidelity. Well, fidelity is thoroughly relevant to today’s kgbdeal, because once you’ve got your mitts on this superb HiFi stereo you’ll be its loyal admirer for evermore…

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with the electronics wizards at Sharp Electronics, to bring you a HiFi stereo system for just £99.99. This powerful little stereo incorporates a dock for iPods, iPhones, iPads and other MP3 players and delivers truly impressive sound quality – which pretty much ensures you’ll be faithful to this lovely machine from the moment you lay eyes on her!

product specifications…
- Excellent sound quality with real HiFi design
- iPad1-/ iPhone-/ iPod top docking and USB front operation
- Full metal cabinet with screw type speaker terminals
- 2-way speaker boxes with Tweeter
- 2 x 15 Watt RMS output power
- CD/CD-MP3/-WMA Playback, RDS FM tuner
- Low power consumption

about Sharp Electronics Electronics
One of the biggest names in all things audio visual, you can be sure that your Sharp Electronics TV or stereo will provide you with countless hours of high-quality entertainment. Everything’s covered by their one-year warranty too, so even if something does go wrong you’ll have no trouble sorting it out. High-quality goods and great service, what more could you ask for?