£10 for a relaxing Swedish massage

There are many fairy tales that we'd love to come true for ourselves. A magic carpet to take us where we want, a handsome prince rescuing us from our 9-to-5, or the ability to fly with a light sprinkling of gold dust. However there's one fairy tale that no one dreams of; not one person would like to spend the rest of their lives ringing a bell in a tower with a hunched back. Thanks to today's deal you won't have to…

Get yourself down to one ofLiverpool Therapy And Wellness Centre and treat yourself to a deluxe facial, back massage, hand & arm massage. The price? Just £18!

Theory: we are all born to indulge in small luxuries every once in a while. We don't mean opulence, we don't mean overdoing it. Just a little something that will make us feel like we deserve a treat as much as the next (rich) woman.

Reality: yes, we do. That's why we've put our bargaining skills to work and bagged you this relaxing Swedish massage that will give you a taste of heaven for a relaxing £10.

£24 for a Top-to-Toe massage with a relaxing facial & head massage

When those irksome aches and pains just don't seem to ease up, no matter how many hot baths you take, perhaps its time to consider a different method of pampering! Whist we a love a hot soak, we think that it's a wonderfully pampering treat to take some time for ourselves and let the pros help us ease away life's stresses. For total relaxation, and a little escape from the busy world outside, snap up this deal for only £24 and bag yourself a treatment with Kris Massage at the Beauty Beehive in Glasgow.

You'll unwind with a Top-to-Toe massage, followed by a relaxing facial and soothing head massage – that's approximately 80 minutes of pure, blissful pampering. Do something nice for yourself today and grab this deal!

£15 for a relaxing one-hour facial

Beyonce’s skin always looks amazing, even when she’s caught without make-up, somehow she still boasts a flawless complexion. Even though it seems unfair that she can rock such enviable skin, we’ve heard that it comes from a strict regime of exercise, plenty of water, and a lot of great products. While we’re not sure that we have so much time to do all that work, we think a little bit of indulgence in the skincare department can go along way!

Grab today’s deal and bag yourself a celeb-worthy facial for only £15. Sit back and relax while you let the lovely Magic Fairies get to work. Located in the heart of Haringey on the high road Green Lanes you’ll find the Magic Fairies…. the small oasis where your beauty dreams come true!

£15 for 3 men's cut and style packages with relaxing head massages

Old-fashioned is hip, these days. That’s why you’ll find the trendiest gents in town wandering about with immaculately-trimmed moustaches and waistcoats.

Give yourself a truly classic makeover, chaps – treat yourselves to a cut and style package at The Barber Shop. This bundle includes three cut and style appointments, with relaxing head massages, to leave you feeling like a true gent. It’ll cost you just £15 too!

This lovely relaxed gents’ barber shop is in the popular southside area of Glasgow, and offers a range of style and shaving services.

Take pleasure in the relaxing effects of a hot stone massage for two at the Spa Room for £29, worth £100 – save 71%!

There are all kinds of escapes. Holidays to Grecian Islands, country drives, a good televisions series or an even better book. But our favourite kind of escape is…

A hot stone massage for two people at the Spa Room. This treatment last for one-hour, in a sense. In another sense, the effects of a good massage can go beyond the 60 minutes you’ll spend in this little haven. Usually costing £100, you’ll pay £29. And that’s saving 71%!

about The Spa Room
This friendly, welcoming salon offers its clients all manner of beauty and pampering treatments, from facials and nails to waxing and Moroccan hammam therapy.