Lenovo G50 Core i3-4005U 1.7GHz 15.6″ HD Screen 8GB RAM 1000GB Hard Drive £299.97 @ Save On Laptops

I have looked for a new laptop for myself. This seems to be a good one for 300 pounds considering Core i3 processor 8GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive. Intel® Core™ i3-4005U Dual Core Processor 15.6" HD Screen Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit 8GB DDR3 RAM 1000GB HDD DVD Rewriter Integrated Graphics USB3 | HDMI | Bluetooth Exclusive Upgraded to 8GB Ram!

Lenovo G50 Core i3-4005U 1.7GHz 15.6″ HD Screen 8GB RAM 1000GB Hard Drive £299.97 @ Save On Laptops

Three customers save £1.3 billion in roaming charges

  We love a good stat here at Three towers. Especially when it involves over a billion pounds. Millions are good, but BILLIONS? Well billions simply cannot be ignored. We’ve today announced that since the launch of our Feel at Home service in 2013, we’ve saved Three customers more than £1.3 billion in roaming charges. Imagine […]

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Three customers save £1.3 billion in roaming charges

Eat out and save money: London BYOB restaurants

It’s the end of January and that attitude of being good, healthy and especially frugal has been going on for far too long.

Of course it’s good to have times of discipline, control and routine but you shouldn’t deprive yourself too much! Now is the time to catch up on some good times, go out for a meal with your friends and save money by taking your own wine to a BYOB restaurant. We’ve compiled our top 5 in London

1) The Golden Hind, Marylebone
Excellent range of fish with mountains of chunky chips. There’s no corkage plus there’s seating downstairs for when it gets busy, which it almost always is. Mushy peas optional.

2) Hawksmoor, Sevendials
The original Hawksmoor, often touted as the best steak house in London. Corkage is £5 on Monday nights which just about makes it affordable. Have the porterhouse steak: fillet and sirloin in one.

3) Ariana II, Kilburn
A hidden gem. This family run Afghanistani restaurant serves up the most yummy and hearty food. A mix of currys and dips and flat breads, everything is shared around the table in a tapas style. Great fun.

4) The Breakfast Club, Soho
Street food meets cafe bistro, the Breakfast Club in soho is a BYO because of the steep stairs down to the restrooms. The burgers and burritos are epic and you’ll only leave at most £15 lighter. Great location for going out after with all the money you saved on BYO. Good move.

5) Rotisserie Jules, South Kensington
This rotisserie chicken takeout has tables too. Perfect for small groups; we had a pre-christmas get together here. The staff are really friendly and you’ll be more than satisfied with half a chicken per person and a mix of sides to share.

Find more BYOBs near you in London on the Majestic Foursquare List: London BYOBs 

Tell us about any BYOBs in your home town and we’ll create a list for the whole of the UK. Use the comments box below.
Do you have any tried and tested BYOBs we can add to our London list too?

Eat out and save money: London BYOB restaurants

Display something truly original in your home with an XXL (36″ x 24″) canvas print from 1ClickPrint for just £15 – save up to 72% on something you will treasure for a lifetime

What’s your favourite memory? Your tenth birthday party? That sunsoaked week abroad with your best friend? Or the special day you met your partner? Whatever it is, thanks to the magic of technology, someone is always there to capture those precious moments on camera. So why not relive them every day with today’s picture-perfect kgbdeal?

For just £15 you can brighten your home with a personalised XXL (36″ x 24″) canvas print from 1ClickPrint. Handmade using the finest redwood frames and fade-proof inks, this unique canvas is the perfect addition to any home. So why not take a trip down memory lane and make your home extra homely with a sleek canvas?

about 1ClickPrint
Established in 2004 and with 16 years’ industry experience, 1ClickPrint work with the most advanced printing equipment in the business, producing impeccable quality canvas prints. You can order online 24 hours a day, sit back and wait for your masterpiece to be couriered direct to your door. Canvases are available in all shapes and sizes – whether it’s a 46-inch feature print for over your fireplace or a table-top 8-inch portrait, 1ClickPrint make it easy to unleash your inner interior designer.

£9 for two giz-mobo 4GB MP3 players – save up to 77% and choose from five fab colours!

There’s no situation that can’t be improved by an appropriate musical soundtrack. Jogging? Time to bring out Eye Of The Tiger. Preparing a candle-lit dinner? Only the sultry sounds of Barry White will do. Stuck in someone’s armpit on the train? Well, anything will do in that situation… Anyway, today’s kgbdeal lets you take your music with you, wherever you are!

For just £9 you’ll receive two fantastic giz-mobo 4GB MP3 players, available in a variety of colours. You’ll be making a huge saving of up to 77% on today’s kgbdeal and can take the music with you – everywhere! Now that’s what we call music to our ears!

what’s in the box…
– giz-mobo 4GB MP3 player
– PC cable
– Earbud headphones

product specifications…
– Specially-shaped design
– Combine MP3 and removeable disk function
– Connect to PC for charging and downloading your tunes
– Power off automatically after 60 seconds standby
– Power on only with earphone plug in to prevent power-on unexpectedly
– Separated earphone jack and power jack makes for convenient operation and faster transfer rate
– Up to eight hours of continuous operation with an internal rechargeable battery

about giz-mobo
giz-mobo are all about stunning and innovative products at a great price. If you’re looking for a modern, on-trend gift for your mum, dad, sister or friend, then giz-mobo is the right place! From funky phone accessories and office gadgets to useful items for the home and garden, you’re sure to find something you like!

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