£39 for 3 sessions of IPL, with a choice of hair reduction

Lasers beam from the tip of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. They scan money-saving vouchers and create a light show in the sky to attract party animals to the opening of Ibiza's hottest new club, however lasers are best at helping to reduce unwanted hair.

Whatever it is that you'd like to reduce – perhaps a little peach fuzz in all the wrong places – today's deal can help. Simply snag this offer and you'll get 3 sessions of IPL with a choice of areas for just £39.

• Small areas include: chin, upper lip, and bikini line.

• Medium areas include: underarm, half arms, full bikini, and beard.

• Large areas include: full legs, full back, and chest and abdomen.

£89 for 6 sessions of IPL on a choice of areas

Besides Julia Roberts at the Oscars in 1999, hairy armpits aren't something that celebs like to show off. Not unless they want a bit of attention for all the wrong reasons. Silky smooth skin is the way to go, and if you want to be more like the Kardashian girls – famous for their love of hair removal (amongst other things) then why not dabble in the world of IPL?!

With today's deal you can take advantage of 6 sessions of IPL for just £89.

Choose from either:

• 1 large area, 2 medium areas or 3 small areas

• 1 large area = half-legs, chest, shoulders

• 2 medium = underarms, standard bikini

• 3 small = lip, neck, chin, centre brow

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£10 for 8 bootcamp yoga sessions

Summer is well and truly here, and the clothes are getting smaller. It's not too late to feel great in your summer wardrobe! Simply snap up this deal today and treat your mind and body to 8 sessions of bootcamp yoga, that will get you feeling tip top in no time.

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£89 for six sessions of IPL on a choice of areas

Shake off dusty complexion with this kgbdeal for a microdermabrasion treatment with healing mask!

This tremendous treatment aim to leave skin looking and feeling gorgeous!

The glam gurus at The Beauty Box are dedicated to providing flexible, varied treatments which get results quickly. Whether you're looking for a quick and glamorous pick-me-up like a manicure or relaxing treatments like facials or other body treatments, the friendly team will be on hand to find the best treatment for you.

Why is it that hair only seems to grow in places we don’t want it? When we’re after luscious long locks on top, it seems to grow at a rate of about one inch per year. Yet when we wax our legs there seems to be a fresh inch of bristle by the end of the day! It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out – literally!

So why not try a new approach with six sessions of IPL laser hair reduction at The Beauty Box? Six sessions will cost you just £89 with this deal – all that’s left to do is choose from either one large area, two medium areaS, or three small areas for the treatment.

Pick the following<br>• One large area (half-legs, chest or shoulders)<br>• Two medium areas (underarms and standard bikini)<br>• Three small areas (lip, neck, chin or centre brow)