£19 for a Mother's Day Package: Shellac nails & toes, hand/arm massage, foot scrub, facial, brow shape & tint

When you look in the mirror these days do you feel like your are looking a little closer to the Queen than to Kate? Where did those lines come from? They really do just creep up on us all. Iron out those bad boys with a little help from this deal for Mother”s Day Pamper Package – Shellac Nails & Toes, Hand & Arm Massage, Foot Scrub, Facial, Eyebrow Shape & Tint for only £19 from Aphrodite and Eros.

Whether you are buying this deal for your mother or you are wishing yourself a Happy Mother”s Day, facials and spa treatments keep the stress away and keep you feeling rejuvenated.

Call and schedule your appointment today to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world this Mother”s Day. Now look in that mirror with confidence. Call for bookings.

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£12 for a shellac manicure & pedicure

How we look symbolises what role we”re playing on any given occasion. Are we the serious executive? The natural, earthy woman? The wild night rider? The peppy party girl? Well, obviously, spread across many levels, we are all these things. It just depends on what mood we”re in.

Play any role that tickles your fancy with a Shellac manicure and pedicure from Hollis Beauty for just £12. Choose a shade that suites your mood so that you can tap sassy nails on a desk, delve into something more demure, drive something that dominates, or sport a splash of cheer!

£25 for a Spring pamper package includes Shellac manicure/pedicure, 30 minute facial, and eyebrow shape and tint

It’s almost time for the best season of the year to roll around! Spring isn’t meant to be a time of stress though. It’s meant to be the season of relaxation – luxuriating in the heat, the sunshine caressing your skin and giving you a tan, sipping on a cool drink. And instead the heat gives you a headache, the sun gets into your eyes and makes you squint (if it doesn’t give you a searing sunburn), and the only liquid around is the sweat that’s dripping down your back. Don’t live that nightmare scenario!

Give yourself an injection of lovely pampering just in time for spring, and pick up this package from Nature’s Way. You’ll receive a magnificently reviving facial, followed by a manicure and pedicure, plus an eyebrow shape and tint. Just one thing less to stress about. You’ll get all this for just £25.

About Nature’s Way

Located close to St John’s Wood and just off Lord’s Cricket Ground, this darling little salon offers all kinds of beauty and holistic treatments, as well as a variety of special packages, to their clientèle.

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