£15 for a Shellac manicure and pedicure

Hi, I still have not been paid for the services that I have currently completed on many of your customers. I have had two telephone calls from yourselves last week asking for the correct payment details which I had already given you and was told that I would be paid on Thursday 6th October. I have still not been paid so can you contact me as soon as possible.

How we look symbolises what role we're playing on any given occasion. Are we the serious executive? The natural, earthy woman? The wild night rider? The peppy party girl? Well, obviously, spread across many levels, we are all these things. It just depends on what mood we're in.

Play any role that tickles your fancy with a Shellac manicure and pedicure from The Beauty Lounge Formby for just £15. Choose a shade that suites your mood so that you can tap sassy nails on a desk, delve into something more demure, drive something that dominates, or sport a splash of cheer!