£15 for a recording studio party & photoshoot for up to 10 people & 4 spectators + a CD to take home

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You've been perfecting your in-shower singing voice for years, and no one can sing along to Adele like you can. If that sounds like you, then it's about time that your singing skills were taken to the next level! Grab a group of your besties and have an epic experience that will make you laugh (hopefully not cry) and sing your hearts out at 'Star For a Day' in Glasgow.

For just £15 you'll enjoy a recording session in a professional studio for up to ten singers and four spectators. You'll walk into this VIP experience with the red carpet entrance you deserve, and then you'll strut your stuff in the dance area. Once you've finished belting out the high notes, your producer will mix up your song, and you'll get a keepsake CD to take home with you too! If you want to purchase more CD's so each have one, you'll have the option to do this on the day.

Like all stars, you'll need to do a photoshoot for the cover of your CD of course, so don't forget to strike your best pose! Grab this deal today for a truly star worthy experience, that you'll love being a part of!

£8 for a studio or makeover photoshoot with prints and a keyring

We've all got a so-called ‘good side’, a certain angle that shows us off in the best possible light. It’s the one we try to show off in Facebook profile pictures, or when we’re on a first date. Yet with the right preparation and a photographer who actually knows what they’re doing, it’s possible for every side to be our good side.

For just £8, you can show off all your good sides, or those of your friends, with a studio or makeover photoshoot package from Access Studio, 10 minutes from the city centre. The studio photoshoot, lasting one hour, will allow you and up to seven of your friends or family to make a memorable picture, or wannabe models can go it alone with a makeover shoot, with 90-minutes split between make-up and lens time. Each session will also include three 7" x 5" prints, three 6" x 4" prints and a keyring, all of the same image.

All appointments carry a refundable booking fee of £15 weekdays and £25 weekends per person this may be refunded or used towards additional purchases upon completion of the viewing session<br>Failure to complete the viewing session forfeits the booking fee and or any amount paid for the session