£29 for three 20-minute Lipaway ultrasound sessions worth up to £135 with Be – you’ll save up to 79%

We’re all hoping to achieve that perfect beach body in time for the summer sun and with temptation around every corner it’s harder than ever! Well, here at kgbdeals we’re all about helping you meet your goals in time for that oh so ever brief English sun.

For the cut down price of £29 you’ll receive three Lipaway ultrasound sessions, plus a 20-minute consultation as well before and after measurements and photos. That’s up to 79% off on helping you to achieve that perfect beach body!

about Be
The dedicated staff at Be use a Lyton Lipaway system to target areas of the body. Ideal for anyone wishing to gain confidence, why not give it a go and see the benefits for yourself!

£12 for Amazing semi-permanent mascara worth £55 at The Salon – save 78% and get gorgeous lashes that last up to three weeks

If you’re worried about going bare-faced on the beach this summer, then don’t worry – agent g has found the perfect holiday accessory. Today’s kgbdeal will ensure you look bright-eyed while frolicking around in your bikini and splashing about in the waves.


For just £12 you’ll get a coating of Amazing semi-permanent mascara worth £55 at The Salon. With beautiful lashes that last up to three weeks, you won’t have to worry about giving your fellow beach revellers a fright, plus you’ll make a splash-tastic saving of 78%!


about The Salon
This new and exciting salon offers a wide range of services, from a simple manicure to more advanced treatments such as teeth whitening. With over three floors dedicated to beauty treatments and a committed team who are happy to share their expertise, you can guarantee an all-round fulfilling experience

£35 for three microdermabrasion sessions worth £135 at 100% Glamour – save 74%

For some people, the winter is a bit of a bad dream with regards to its effects on the skin. All that evil weather, air pollution and the freezing cold result in making your face look like the surface of the moon, and we’re sick of it! Today’s kgbdeal is here to make sure you don’t get the winter blues.

Today, for just £35, you can enjoy the benefits of three microdermabrasion sessions from the team at 100% Glamour. Worth £135, this brilliant facial care kgbdeal will leave you looking and feeling great – especially with your super saving of 74%!

about 100% Glamour
100% Glamour is based on Knutsford Road in Latchford and offers a fantastic array of beauty services to clients in the Warrington area. Their sole aim is to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation, with enjoyable pampering experiences administered by their team of talented, down-to-earth consultants.

£19.99 for three Freedom Bras in white, black and nude worth £59.99 from Beautyworld – save 67% on seamless, super-comfortable bras presented in a pretty gift bag

Everyone remembers that iconic “Hello Boys” ad featuring an expertly hoisted Eva Herzigova marvelling at the effects of her push-up bra. But today’s gorgeous kgbdeal carries more of a “Hello Ladies” message. Designed by women for women, this feminine, well-fitting and ultra-soft bra is just what you’ve been looking for.

Treat yourself or a friend to three Freedom Bras in white, black and nude for just £19.99 and receive the set in pretty gift bag. Working with your individual shape to give you subtle, natural enhancement and all-day comfort, this must-have pullover is versatile, flattering and yours with 67% off the price of £59.99.

about Beautyworld
With the creed, “Freedom to live your life”, Beautyworld stocks a fantastic range of womenswear and accessories to help you look and feel great. Browse products that nip, tuck, lift and enhance for the perfect solutions to those girly hang-ups we all have.

£35 for three Mask or Milk face peels worth £185 at Clear Light Clinic – save 81% on this luxurious skin treatment!

If you’re constantly seeking new ways to get smoother, blemish-free skin then today’s deal could be right up your street! Today we’re offering a series of three mask or milk facial peels, which are gentle enough for all skin types and a great way to deal with pesky blemishes and uneven skintone…

For just £35 you’ll receive three Milk or Mask facial peels at Clear Light Clinic. These handy peels gently remove the top layer of skin, which is made up of dead skin cells, to allow the new, smooth skin underneath to show through. This treatment aims to improve complexion by unblocking pores and they’d normally set you back £185, but thanks to the team at kgbdeals HQ, you can treat your skin for less!

about Clear Light Clinic @ Frankie Cochrane
With over 20 years’ experience this stunning salon offers a fantastic range of treatments including laser hair removal, Agera facials, vascular treatments, microdermabrasions and massage. As hair removal and skin care specialists Clear Light Clinic @ Frankie Cochrane promise nothing but the highest quality and execution in all the treatments they provide, and are dedicated to demonstrating how small changes in one’s skin-care regime can benefit the skin and your overall well being.

£49 for three teeth whitening treatments worth £299 at Sparkle Teeth Whitening – save 84%

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? A quick Friday night drink turns into several drinks and goodness knows what else, you get home well past your bedtime and wake up with that horrid, furry, fudgy feeling in your mouth because you forgot to brush. Ugh. Just think about what that could mean for the colour of your precious pearly whites!

And then stop thinking about it, because we’ve got a toothy kgbdeal to take your mind off it. For just £49 you can enjoy three 15-minute teeth whitening sessions at Sparkle Teeth Whitening. Normally you’d have to shell out £299 for the privilege, but with today’s kgbdeal you’ll save 84%.

about Sparkle Teeth Whitening
Sparkle Teeth Whitening has been helping people to look their best since 2008. The professional team offers a full service of teeth whitening and beauty treatments, including manicures, pedicures, spray tans and eyelash extensions. Whatever you pick, they will ensure that you feel completely comfortable.

£18 for three fabulous leopard print scarves from A-Shu.co.uk worth £45 – save 60% on this season’s must-have accessory in a choice of seven colours and designs

Kate Moss has a permanent place in PETA’s bad books, thanks to the fact she dons real fur from time to time. However, our favourite clothes horse also has a less controversial way of expressing her wild side; leopard print. That’s right, Ms. Moss can frequently be seen sporting coats, dresses, leggings and scarves that are quite literally the cat’s pyjamas, so why not follow in her footsteps with today’s kgbdeal?

For today’s offer we’ve teamed up with the fashionistas at A-SHU.co.uk, to bring you three leopard print scarves for just £18. This kgbdeal includes a choice of seven different colours and designs, each of which boasts a versatile, light-weight feel. Three scarves would usually set you back £45, which means we’re offering a discount of 60% on a Kate Moss must-have. They say a leopard never changes its spots, but with a choice of three different leopard print designs, you’ll be able to prove them all wrong!

which will you choose?

- Large fushia pink
Large khaki green
Large grey
Large green
Large light purple
Large blush pink- Large beige


about A-SHU.co.uk
This fabulous website brings you the hottest trends from the catwalks and prices that will allow you to turn your wish-list into reality. This is a premium destination for savvy style hunters with a passion for fashion without the hefty price tags. The A-SHU.co.uk range includes shoes, bags and accessories, so why not hit their cyber shelves to find the hottest new addition to your wardrobe?

£39 for three sessions of I-Lipo on one area worth £150 at Body Shapers – save 74% and get in shape for summer!

With spring creeping up on us and our New Year’s resolutions having been forgotten long ago, here at kgbdeals HQ we’re still stuck with those stubborn Christmas pounds! If you need a helping hand getting back into your bikini this year, why not take a look at today’s kgbdeal?

For just £39 you’ll receive three sessions of I-Lipo on one area for 74% less from Body Shapers. Normally these treatments would cost £150, but you can get beach ready for less with today’s handy kgbdeal!

about Body Shapers
Body Shapers are a Coventry based clinic dedicated to helping you achieve the body you desire. With Flabelos machines and I-Lipo available alongside traditional beauty treatments such as waxing and manicures, their friendly team are guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling good.

£49 for three Eporex Mesotherapy treatments worth £426.42 at FACE – save 89% on a treatment for the skin around your face and neck

Getting older, like the rise of Justin Bieber, is something that seemingly none of us can stop. And just like Justin Bieber, there’s no need to put up with it more than is absolutely necessary. However, tell-tale signs can sometimes affect your skin – which is where today’s kgbdeal might be able to help you out…

For just £49 instead of the usual £426.42 you can enjoy three Eporex Mesotherapy treatments, designed especially to focus on the areas of skin around your face and neck. You can find out more about the treatment here>>

about FACE
FACE stands for Facial And Cosmetic Enhancement (clever, eh?), and that’s what they’re all about. Offering non-surgical facelifts, tattoo removal, IPL and plenty of other skin-related treatments, this is the only place you need to go if your skin needs attention.

£18 for a half-day jewellery workshop worth £75 at Ellie B – save 76% and take three pieces of jewellery home with you

If you’ve had your eye on Cheryl Cole’s danglers, but can’t afford to spend a fortune on your own pair, then it’s your lucky day. Today’s kgbdeal is giving you the chance to create your own majestic earrings and, with a little imagination, yours can be as eye-catching as Chezza’s at a slice of the price.


Let the imagination flow through you, while learning how to make your very own trinkets, with a half day jewellery workshop for just £18. Worth £75, you’ll learn how to create that all-important loop on a headpin, to open and close jump rings and secure beads using crimps. Once you’ve mastered the essential techniques, you’ll then be able to make a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings, so you’ll have a whole new bunch of accessories to compliment your outfit and all for 76% less


about Ellie B Jewels
Learn an exciting new skill from the friendly team at Ellie B Jewels. Whether you’re looking for a hobby or innovative ways to make some extra money there’s something to suit you here. There are a variety of workshops to choose from such as jewellery, dressmaking and sewing.