£45 for three sessions of ultrasonic lipo with initial consultation, worth £347 at The Slimline Clinic – save 87% and feel fab this Christmas!

With confident celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and Kim K grasping every opportunity to flaunt their perfect bodies in gorgeous dresses and skimpy bikinis, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a little bit deflated. If like us you’re struggling to obtain that dream figure and are lacking in confidence, fear not – agent g is here to help!

For just £45, you can bag yourself three sessions of ultrasonic lipo at The Slimline Clinic! Normally costing £347, a consultation is included in this fabulous package, during which you can discuss your goal and any events you are working towards! Today’s kgbdeal will save you 87%, so that’s two reasons you’ll leave the clinic smiling! Find out more about your treatment here >>

about The Slimline Clinic
The Slimline Clinic specialises in treatments to help you look great and feel fabulous. With clinics all over the country, the team favour non-surgical solutions to help you achieve your ideal body and strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease in their clinic.

£59 for three sessions of 6×6 inch tattoo, semi-permanent make up or blemish removal, worth up to £300 at New Laser Tec – save 80%

After a whirlwind romance back in the mid-90’s, Johnny Depp proudly cemented his and Winona Ryder’s relationship with a tattoo declaring “Winona forever”. However after their romance faded he was forced to alter the banner, which now reads “Wino forever”. If only Mr Depp had got his mitts on today’s kgbdeal…

For just £59, you’ll receive three sessions of 6”x6” tattoo removal, to help fade designs which you’ve fallen out of love with. Normally this would set you back up to £300, this kgbdeal can also be used to remove semi-permanent make up or blemishes, you can put the past behind you for up to 80% less with today’s kgbdeal!

about New Laser Tec
Based in Erdington, this friendly clinic use pioneering laser technology to help reduce tattoos, blemishes and other imperfections. New Laser Tec is also dedicated to providing clients with non-surgical treatments including teeth whitening and hair removal.

£29 for a microdermabrasion session with three luxury skin care products, worth £139 at Harley Street Skin Clinic – save 79% on smooth skin!

Winter skin is a problem for everyone, but instead of despairing when patches and dry flaky skin take over, why not prevent it with a deluxe microdermabrasion facial? Today you can try this amazing treatment for 79% less and enjoy the secrets of glowingly smooth skin, so the only thing with a red nose this season will be Rudolf!

For just £29 you’ll enjoy a microdermabrasion session from the dedicated beauticians at Harley Street Skin Clinic.  Microdermabrasion is designed to gently buff away the top layer of skin leaving it looking refreshed and glowing. Normally costing £139, you’ll also receive a cleanser, CC lift serum and a 24/7 moisturiser to take home, so that you can ensure your skin retains it’s gorgeous finish long after the treatment has finished.

about Harley Street Skin Clinic
Harley Street Skin Clinic specialise in a wide range of treatments that have been proven to be safe and effective. They pride themselves on offering the highest level of patient care whilst delivering excellent results.

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