£19 for a half-head of highlights, with a cut, conditioning treatment and blow dry

You can have the red carpet dress, the killer heels and a perfectly coiffured barnet, but if your nails look like they've been chewed to bits and your feet resemble sand paper, then your look is sunk. It's that serious. But don't worry – today's deal is here to turn your nails from nasty to nice!

For just £15 you can treat yourself to Shellac on both your fingers and toes accompanied by a deluxe manicure and pedicure at Gloss and Glow. Get your hands and feet looking tip top, and bag yourself this celeb worthy deal!

If you turn green with envy every time you think of those L'Oréal hair ads, then you'll want to invest in today’s phenomenal deal. You'll be saying you're worth it faster than Cheryl Cole can sway her silky smooth popstrel locks from side to side when you luxuriate in today's fabulous hair package!

You too can look smug and say 'I'm worth it' with a full head of colour or a half-head highlights. Plus you'll get a cut, finish and conditioning treatment at Gloss and Glow, all for the envy inducing price of £19!

This amazing hair and beauty salon is dedicated to ensuring you look your best! With a range of cut and colouring services, accompanied by a menu of tempting beauty treats, you’re guaranteed to leave their doors looking fabulous.

£14 for a wash, cut & blow dry with a conditioning treatment

If you've been putting yourself last, then it's time to make a change! Pamper yourself with this deal for a wash, cut and blow dry, for just £14 at CoCo Hair and Beauty.

The possibilities are endless when customising the perfect look for each individual's personality and lifestyle. Browse online for total hair inspiration and go for something new and fun, or simply snip off the split ends with a simple trim. However you decided to treat those tresses, this deal will be a welcome addition to your beauty routine.

So stop putting yourself at the bottom of your to-do list and indulge in this great deal!

£9 for one osteopathy treatment

When your back's been killing you, and you can't quite figure out whether you slept badly or you've spent one too many hours hunched over your computer – don't just 'put up with it' – do something about it! Ease yourself back to your best state of being and feel like you again. When you grab today's deal you'll only pay £9 for one osteopathy treatment at Mark Dulson Osteopathy.

Your session will last for around 60 minutes which will include a full consultation. Mark Dulson has a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing. His years of experience include a diploma in Holistic Therapies, plus qualifications to practice massage, sports therapy and acupressure, a three year BSc Health Science/Therapeutic Bodywork, as well as 5 years at the College of Osteopaths! So, when you get treated at this clinic you know you're in good hands!

£21 for a half head of highlights or a full head of colour with a wash, cut, blow dry & treatment

Everything's changing these days – especially in the middle of Liverpool. Buildings are springing up all over the place, dazzling us with their light-rays. All of a sudden, moustaches are fashionable. It's impossible to keep up with what sorts of trousers you're meant to be wearing (and is Byron Burger still cool?).

Luckily, some things never go out of style – like a gorgeous half head of highlights or a full head of colour with a wash, cut, blow dry and treatment. And we've picked you up one with Lock Hart Hair and Beauty. Best of all – because low prices are always fashionable – it'll cost you just £21!