Winamp for Android – Features and free music

Winamp for Android

Listening to music has now become an integral part of any smartphone. It saves the trouble of having to carry two devices instead of one so its no wonder there are so many various music apps for Android. Generally the default players that are provided on the phone are not that bad but if you are an avid music fan, you are going to be looking for that something extra to get the most out your music. Winamp has been around for years. It started out as a computer software but has made a great transition over to the Android operating system.


Winamp for Android – Basic Features

The app interface is very simple to use. Like most other music apps for Android, you get your music broken down by artist, album, song and genre. If you choose album or artist, then the list is broken down further before, eventually you are presented with a song list from which you can choose an individual song, play an entire album or add songs to a playlist.

The key feature of Winamp for Android is through its fully purchased version. The equaliser on this software is incredible and adaptable to just about every type of music. You don’t have to be a DJ to use it! Depending on the type of music you’re listening to, you can enhance your listening experience by altering the equaliser. You can just select your genre or the closest thing to it and you can immediately hear the difference. If you are feeling really brave you can manually alter the settings too. If you’ve already downloaded and love Winamp for Android, why not check out our best apps for music lovers?


Download free music onto your smartphone

‘Free Music’ is a new option that has been recently introduced into the Winamp Android app. ‘Free Music’ allows you to stream or download music straight to your Android phone. The ‘Now Playing’ display is also more streamlined with new onscreen options including an info button on the artist playing now offering links to related online news stories, as well as shuffle and repeat icons. A quick swipe left or right of the album artwork will change tracks while hit play or pause and a window will pop up with extra track info.

The list of premium add-ons that can be downloaded from the in-app store includes a home screen customisation add-on, the ability to browse by folders, a ten band graphic equalizer and an adjustable cross-fade between tracks which mean you don’t get that awkward silence between tracks anymore.

Another new tool recently added is called Album Washer that fetches correct track tags and high quality album art which is pretty cool if you want your collection in crisp condition.

Winamp Washer - Winamp for Android

The new update also brings a transition to storing on a microSD card; perfect for users who want to save some space on the internal storage of the Android smartphone. Developers have also added search for SHOUTcast radio and the notifications have been optimised.

So as you can see, Winamp continues to expand in terms of functionality and its neat widget can be placed on your homescreen so you don’t even need to open the app. At just £3.20, the pro version is well worth a purchase.

Unsure about paying? Try the Winamp for Android free version from Google Play.

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Winamp for Android – Features and free music

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