Today Nokia have announced the Nokia 110, Nokia 111, and Nokia 112 mobile phones; which aim to bring up to date features and style within a budget handset range. Colourful by design, these vibrant candy bar handsets offer a similar palette to the likes of the Nokia Lumia 800, at an extremely affordable price. Built with a 1.8 inch display and alphanumeric keypad, the handsets are compact and lightweight; the Nokia 111 weighs just 77 grams!

Faster Web Browsing

The key feature across all three new Nokia handsets for 2012, is more efficient web browsing. The Nokia 110, 111 and 112 all claim to use a web browser that uses 90% less data. Compressed pages allow faster downloads and lower data charges. Though operating with a WAP browser, this improved efficiency ensures you can browse more for your money if you find yourself on a low data tariff or Pay As You Go.

Dual Sim Phones

The Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 have the added bonus of being able to hold two SIMS within their compact design. The advantage of this is the ability to text or web browse with the network that suits you best. It’s a handy way to save money, or simply combine your personal and business phones within a single handset. You could even insert and extra SIM only deals card that gives you extra minutes or texts at a low cost. Changing between SIMs is effortless and simple as the handset can stay switched on as you flick between networks.

Social and Entertainment

Just because the Nokia 110, 111 and 112 aren’t on Android or iOS, doesn’t mean they have to lack fun. Connected to the Nokia Store, there are a variety of apps available for the Nokia 110 range. Whether that’s free games from EA such as Tetris, or a Facebook application to keep in touch with friends, there are over ten million apps downloaded per day from the Nokia store. You will need a microSD card plugged into your Nokia 110, 111 or 112 in order to store multimedia files onto your phone but with the option to hold up to 32GB, this is plenty of room for apps and music. The latest Nokia devices come with an FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a VGA camera.

Expect the Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 to grace the UK shores late summer or early autumn with a very affordable price tag. Even if you already own a smartphone, we think the Nokia 110 and 112 will make ideal back up handsets. You can view a full comparison of the Nokia 110, Nokia 111 and Nokia 112 on the official Nokia website.

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Nokia 110, Nokia 111 and Nokia 112 announced

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