There’s a new Nokia Windows smartphone on the block: the Nokia Lumia 610. And what a great little phone it is too, packed full of features and of course the latest Windows Phone software;  Windows 7.5.


If you’re after a more affordable smartphone with the speed and reliability of the Windows experience, then this stylish phone could be for you.  I’m a big fan of The Windows Phone OS and the way it brings your friends, news and favourite apps straight to your home screen, with the ability to pick and choose which of those to ‘pin’. It makes the things most important to you, quick and easy to access.

Not only that, but the Nokia Lumia allows you to turn your phone in to a Wi-fi hotspot, so all your gadgets can be connected wherever you go.  And that’s just when tethering on The One Plan comes in really handy with an All You Can Eat data package ;-)

Like the other phones in the Lumia family the 610 comes with a selection of apps that are unique to Nokia, notable of these are Nokia Drive, which is basically free sat nav that gives you turn by turn spoken directions. If you’re anything like me and have no sense of direction, then this is going to come in pretty handy! Or if music on the move is more your thing how about Nokia Music?  Mix Radio has playlists galore, just pick one and away you go, you’ll be in non-stop music heaven wherever you are.

There’s even a nifty little app called Nokia Transport which helps you to navigate your way around public transport.

As you can imagine the 5MP camera has some great effects for those budding photographers, I really like Group Shot which lets you take a high speed sequence of images and combine the best bits of each, meaning everyone in the photo has their eyes open and is smiling. And Action Shot lets you create a montage of several shots, just what you need for that dog-catching-a-frisbee sequence!

In addition to all the great features that come pre-installed in the Lumia 610, you have access to a further  100,000 apps in Marketplace. I think that’s more than enough to be getting on with.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the phone also features seamless Contacts Transfer which allows you to transfer all your contacts from your old phone to the Lumia 610 via Bluetooth. I loved not having to mess around with my SIM card; it was all done and dusted in a few clicks.

This is a really user friendly smartphone with some great features, all that you come to expect from Nokia and Windows. We’re really pleased to have a new Windows Phone on our books. Get one in a 3Store or Online today.

Nokia Lumia 610 – now available on Three.

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