With the S3 imminent there are finally some cracking deals available on the S2.

This is the usual O2 contract play (apols to anyone who’s now sick of these!), but completely straightforward – i.e. no downgrades or redemptions. Just go via Quidco to O2 and order the handset on 24mos, 50mins, 250text, with 100MB data. Note that it is NOT the tariff that you are after here – this is basically a 24mos credit agreement for a handset with a SIM/network service you can throw away!

As soon as you receive the handset, call or on-line chat O2 and ask them to remove the data bolt-on (to minimise the cost). You can give away or throw away the SIM…. That’s it.

Cost is £104.99 down plus 24 x £10.50 (after removing data) = £356.99.

Quidco are offering £110 cashback on O2 until March 25th. The cost after cashback would be £246.99.

AFAIK the handset is unlocked.

There are LOADS of SIMO deals you could run in the handset for £6-£10/mo (including ones with unlimited data). This is much cheaper than a full contract for an S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 (White or Black) – £357 (£247 after cashback – no redemptions) @ O2

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