Enjoy movies in HD and access internet content on your HD TV.

The BDX2250 Blu-ray Disc player features Full HD 1080p playback for exceptionally clear, crisp images and vivid colours with up to 6 times better picture quality than standard definition DVD. It also features built-in access to YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Picasa so you can watch video clips, BBC programming and photos directly on your TV when connected to your home network (via Ethernet).

Extend your enjoyment further with BD-Live where you can access additional and interactive content and bonus features such from the Internet via Ethernet port and USB drive. Superb sound quality is provided by Dolby True HD and DTS HD to ensure that the audio matches the high definition visual performance. You can even play your standard definition DVDs which are upscaled to new Full HD quality.

1080p Full HD
YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Picasa
Profile BD Live 2.0

TOSHIBA BDX2250KB Blu-ray Player £39.97 (reserve and collect @ currys & Pcworld)

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